Vendor Guide

Software Vendors & Modern On-prem

Modern On-prem software vendors will find a growing market of sophisticated customers that value both security and reliability and are willing to pay for software that satisfies their requirements.

Going Modern On-prem

All software vendors need to decide if they want to offer a Modern On-prem version or not. The inputs to this decision are a bit different for SaaS vendors and traditional on-prem vendors (ISVs). However, the benefits of Modern On-prem are clear to enterprise customers and this will create increasing demand for software vendors.

Technical Considerations

To successfully deliver a Modern On-prem application, vendors need to establish a technical baseline that focuses on application portability, automation and reliability. Additionally, areas like AI/ML, external services, and airgap environments create some unique challenges for Modern On-prem deployments. We’ve outlined a few of the primary technical considerations for vendors.

Operational Considerations

In order to succeed with Modern On-prem delivery, vendors will find that it is important to involve other functional organizations (Product, Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, Professional Services, Support and Marketing). Our operational guide for vendors focuses on the strategic, engineering, and product decisions that vendors will need to make in order to be successful with Modern On-prem.

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