What is onprem.org?

This guide is an open source work in progress with the goal of establishing the context for why Modern On-prem is important, exploring examples of how it can be implemented, and fostering a community of vendors and enterprises interested in refining and promoting modern approaches to software delivery. The goal of onprem.org is not to discredit SaaS as a viable part of the solution, rather to highlight that like all complex systems, there is more nuance to the problem than a single black and white answer to the SaaS vs. On-prem debate. The real world requires embracing shades of gray across a broad spectrum of delivery models.

Additionally, the evolution of Modern On-prem is still underway, there are several areas of imperfect solutions and deep technical rigor that are required to participate in the ecosystem as either an enterprise or a software vendor. The primary company behind Modern On-prem, Replicated, is a commercial entity working on a combination of open source and proprietary tools to advance the future of Modern On-prem. Together we’ve developed, operated, and delivered software into thousands of on-prem environments ranging from bare-metal appliances to Kubenetes-native private clouds. While we intend to benefit substantially from the success of this movement, we have also obsessed over this for 5+ years and have gone deep into the idea and execution maze.

Much like the EnterpriseReady guide that we produced 3 years ago, Modern On-prem is designed to create a common vernacular for enterprises and software vendors in order to facilitate conversations about the requirements and implementation details that this transition will require. Most of what is published here are not net-new thoughts, rather the details have been selected from a comprehensive survey and analysis of existing and emerging technologies and processes.

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